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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 3/Question#28 (40.9 difficulty score)
A 22-year-old man is brought to the emergency ...
Area labeled ā€˜Eā€™ (Cerebellum, posterior lobe)šŸ”

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submitted by seagull(1080),
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-A ryapirm omrot tcroex = owrgn dsei of obyd cie(fitd fo NMU no flte seid yb)do

B - hsaumTal = oyesrsn irmaooninft niodtuc - mootr ficsetid knyellui ot atiengroi ormf erhe

C - nsPo - sNC 768,,,5, kyleli esturl ni cl"odke ni men"ysdro ro mplceteo olss of moort ncfouitn no ghitr ieds + aiclaf rstue.efa

D. eimsrV - tarcnle ybod tiooidcnona.r aeamgD eslurts ni iatxaa

tNo etpomecl btu amyeb efph..lul

yotsubato  C - Pons - CNs 8,7,6,5, likely result in "locked in syndrome" or complete loss of motor function on LEFT side + RIGHT sided facial features. Decussation occurs in medulla +1  
kard  Sorry if im mistaken, Isnt A) Somatosensory? +2  
krewfoo99  Yes i think A should be somatosensory. Primary motor cortex would be present in the precentral gyrus +  
drpatinoire  A is primary motor. A and the gyrus at right side of A compose the paracentral lobule. +  

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yeiatsDmr ( lsa,o dsiyoineaaddksi dan eitnnonit )trrmeo is raalelt lu.leceemrb ()E.

xiatAa is a mreoblp hwti eth atrlenc meeelbclru ()D or ta aslet tsaht hte bste I colud cmeo pu itw.h

ronald-dumsfeld  I actually think D is pointing at the Flocculonodular lobe. See here: So a lesion at D would present with Nystagmus +3  
urachus  flocculonodular is medial (central). but yes it'll have nystagmus and truncal ataxia +  

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submitted by nwinkelmann(250),
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smareiDty = intcidsioanodro fo d,lpenna lrvatynuo otmmensve ym( onw srdow rfo the rifdftnee fginsidn nda sdue sllapceficiy ot pelh em membreer nca)itloo rtlcoodenl by teh erritoosp leob fo hte eeihrhmsep hihcw dseo daennlp utyvnrloa ementov.m ,sAlo eth rimehpshee is eht eirhyrpep of eht eleurc,blem and it aelds ithw dlpnen,a oarvtnlyu ntemosvem fo teh ihyrrpepe (..ei ) I tog shit omrf htsi iegam iwht myoemr ipst: ieihmmebo./twwso2olscwteeummtmowel4/nh3scnec..-/r/0dc:0le/1pmm.

Ohert fpeuhll :snlki

  1. ttryeP ialedtde mtyonaa: ido_nm3btp0wp-f0m./i_tsw2rkwotmod/lim_M.eea:e.h/gg/cdh/ra

  2. eeviInattrc stei lla tabuo het emuecbrlel (cncdp/umnse.0himathce.r/./.tpuoctarhe:hen/stl3bs//e5utmt,) ubt hte tsom lhlupef purciet orf me saw hsit eno (/_5/ehoNi.miuttma3se//_shtWur.scgusi3pegE.ccahopnak.yaededig_pt-mcembgmsrt/:/nr/j/ne)

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submitted by apurva(44),

Lol i thought trauma would hit more superficial structure than deep.. haha

cassdawg  Literally how I answered this question cause I didn't know what dysmetria was. Convinced myself of some version of coup/contrecoup that would injure this part of the brain and got it right for all the wrong reasons. Wish I could do that more often. +  

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submitted by m-ice(272),
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yrDsmatie si hte aklc of noornaiciodt of dnneietd mrlNlayo ehets mtmveones ear dcrdnaioeot yb eth ee.umlclber hTis si cladoet aipylflicces on hte n'asm trhig i,sde tno othb edsis, so ynlo eon leob lilw eb drien.ju