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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 1/Question#29

During an experiment, an investigator isolates an ...


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submitted by notadoctor(106),

Analysis of the elastin in the question showed a decreased number of desmosine cross-links. Desmosine is made up of four lysine residues. Therefore abnormal elastin is likely missing lysine necessary for the formation of these desmosine cross-links. Wikipedia article on Desmosine.

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Lysine is used in elastin and collagen cross linking; it is cross linked by lysyl oxidase to make collagen fibers

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smpate  but glycine and proline are used in elastin too. Seems like you'd have to know about desmosine though that's not in first aid. Or maybe you can infer lysine since it's charged and is probably more important in maintaining stability? +  
adong  the only thing we know about cross-linking is with LYSYL oxidase, hence lysine +1