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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 1/Question#47

A 35-year-old man comes to the physician 1 week ...

Increased serum angiotensin II concentration

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submitted by xxabi(96),

ARBs result in the following changes: increased renin, increased Ang I, increased Ang II, decreased aldosterone and unchanged bradykinin

famylife  ...and just to clarify, they directly inhibit the Ang II receptor (AT1) https://www.drugs.com/mmx/losartan-potassium.html +  

A good way to think about this is that angiotensin II is present at the ANGII receptors. If you give an angiotensin receptor blocker such as losartan. this will displace the angiotensin II present in the receptors. thus increasing the levels of angiotensin II in serum.