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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 4/Question#18

An investigator is conducting a study to determine ...


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I found this helpful, enveloped vs. nonenveloped

drsquarepants  Chart on slide 22 +4  
megaera13  Thank you. Definitely need to note this down somewhere. +  

Envelopes benefit the virus in that the virus will look like the host, facilitating fusion. However, an enveloped virus is generally less stable than a naked icosahedral virus (naked viruses are generally icosahedral).

docred123  So do these patients have h.Flu? What was the giveaway? Thanks +  
mousie  I chose Enveloped simply bc it said dies when heated, not sure if there where any other clues to narrow this down or make me feel more confident in my choice but I went with it anyway +4  
eclipse  I don't think they expected us to narrow down the answer to a specific virus. Enveloped viruses tend to be less stable (?) than the non-enveloped ones and don't survive as well under harsher environments (outside human's body, heat, etc.) +1  

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A possible integration to help with answering this question: Sketchymicro states one possible way to inactivate arenaviruses is heat. Arenaviruses are enveloped. If you can remember this, you can keep straight that enveloped viruses are heat-labile (sensitive)