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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 3/Question#27

A 30-year-old man reports increasing fatigue and ...

Atrial septal defect

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Any time you see fixed wide splitting of S2, smash ASD.

someduck3  I'm not 100% about this so take it with a grain of salt. But i was confused about why there would be a systolic murmur. I think its b/c prolonged ASD would eventually cause pulmonic stenosis which would present as a systolic murmur. But besides that I super agree with @sympathetikey +  
need_answers  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hzabZ7YBr0 -smash, smash, smuh-ash +2  
usmlecharserssss  with airpods in 2012 +  
paulkarr  Low key was hoping for someone to try and argue this one... +  

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If you're confused by the systolic murmur look at FA2019 p.288. ASD can cause systolic ejection murmurs in the pulmonic location (can think of it as increase turbulent flow).

Of course the more important thing is fixed splitting so SMASH away.