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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 3/Question#21 (35.1 difficulty score)
A 60-year-old woman comes to the physician 1 ...

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submitted by sympathetikey(1265),
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rPe AF pg.( 6)3:6 encnngCior tbsaer .r..cncae

"pAiilmtcfioanpors/eexsoveirn fo oeotnpgse reresoe/grtn psertroce or Be2-rcb ,HRE(2 aGEFn pctor)ere is n;cmomo ER ⊝, RP ⊝, R2naE ne/uHd ⊝ rfmo rmoe ieea"

sympathetikey  FA 2019 +4  
meningitis  Why others not it: Anticipation: Trinucleotide repeats; CAG (Huntington), CTG (Myotonic dyst), GAA (ataxia telangiectasia), CGG(Fragile X) Chromosomal rearrangement: Many but can think of Trisomy 21, BCR-Abl, etc Imprinting: Prader willi, angelman Loss of heterozygosity: loss of a single parent's contribution to part of its genome. A common occurrence in cancer, it often indicates the presence of tumor suppressor gene in the lost region. +1  
kai  trinucleotide repeats are not associated with breast cancer Neither are chromosomal rearrangements BRCA1,2 tumor supressor genes are associated with breast cancer, which is why I chose E, but I guess I should have bought the new First Aid.......... +  
charcot_bouchard  GAA is Freidrich Ataxia +4  
tulsigabbard  So is the amplification of the receptors unrelated to BRCA 1, 2? I'm still stuck on this as Sketchy states that breast cancer falls under the "two-hit" model. +  
tallerthanmymom  @tulsigabbard I think one of the keys here is the question stem; " what is the most likely cause of the OVERexpression in this pts tumor cells?" --> I think that the "2-Hit" model would lead to UNDERexpression of a tumor suppression gene rather than overexpression. Whereas amplification would cause OVERexpression of the HER2/estrogen and progesterone receptors. But, I don't think that amplification would be the answer if they were asking about a triple negative cancer. +1  
tallerthanmymom  Also this is on page 632 of FA 2018 for those using that version +  
tulsigabbard  @tallerthanmymom - thank you! +  
drzed  I can understand why @tulsigabbard dropped out of the race--she's taking step 1 soon LOL +1  

submitted by sweetmed(138),
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