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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 2/Question#6 (reveal difficulty score)
A 6-month-old girl is brought to the office ...
Hepatitis B ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—kchakhabar(51),
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hWta htewr em ffo in ihts noiuqtes is the psrhae lle"sc htwi litlte mtalpcyos ahtt rea itwce the iesz of pshtemy".cloy I uhhtog asmll" lcel ormccana"i ancnot eb atht bgi.

submitted by โˆ—chris07(67),
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hTe ylon fneontici no htta ilts hatt uyo udwlo eenv rescen na iswoerteh hteyalh iaaerpgnp ndvdiiailu is .eHpB ehT otersh I olwud tknih yuo oynl ehcck if teh tapenti ahs a sioenetpantr tath kemas uyo eustcps hemt, klei BVE if teyh hda nssig fo ,moon or SRV fi ythe dah iarrrotsyep smy.osmtp At htat no,tpi eh'rtey on lrgnoe nrnecegis tsts,e tub remo ostcnigdia so.en

gilbert  I gto it ritgh ueseabc I ohuhtgt of teh leaanecprv fo HBV ni aChni. +9  
yesa  A,ols HVB rfmos ohncicr cenotinfi in eichdnrl CHV( nicorhc in )dast,ul so if 'eshs ont icatcvdane ofr ,it oyu eesncr rof ti istfr. All fo the oserht you 'ntdo ecnser rfo enev fi thye eascu a tlante tneinoifc ..).C(VM +2  
veryhungrycaterpillar  b.gltrie@ xEtclay. uoY ntd'o roanlylm srcnee eploep rof Hep B ni het S,U snusel reyhe't orfm a hdcp.mgoriae ehsCein mmaingtisr ear oamgn ahtt mehdoricapg. +2  
whk123  I juts see iaCnh dna kdrema .BEV I ma dmbu +5  

submitted by โˆ—sympathetikey(1591),
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uLcky tduoei,cdn ubt lkooing bkca, I ebeviel what htye ewer ognig fro si htaw hes dhouls hvae bene aaecctdnvi rof ta 6 tonshm fo gea ecsni( etrhe rea no tarpnaep myot).smps

pHe B cicavne is aulsuly egniv at ,rbhit 1 ,nmoth dan 6 nmthso of ,gea os 'ist tertyp rtnipomta ttah she eb dvceiatcan naaisgt ,ti slnseu seh aydalre ahs i,t in wihhc sace esh luhosd eb eedtart ot diova hrcrs.siio

ls3076  ohw acn we tyllauca be ecxetedp to nwok vcnitioaacn rteeh tmsu eb osme trohe onarse teh neswar is ceotcrr +5  
cbreland  I tdno' tknhi ew deen to onwk ttah eht vinacoicatn ecdss,uelh btu that eth nlyo toehr nserwa iwth a nevcica swa saeo.udvnri I erdigfu atht rteeh duolw ahev emro mtmysosp if ehs adh nauresodvi plus( dd'nit fti hte cyltapi rtlyiaim uiswecritem/rrm opdaerch)gim +1  
koko  yhW seod it eavh ot eb enmohgsti hwit a Rne?avSicc V sI eremyextl cnmmoo ni asitdnh,oโ€™buelsb cenesr orf tt?ha +1  
makingstrides  I dn'dti gte my hep B cncveia nuilt I aws a eten +2  
srmtn  it si terleda ot eht gecnernis drgniu eyrnnpag,c ohtngni to do tihw a.venccsi +2  

submitted by โˆ—usmle11a(101),
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het iclhd is mmtsiyaacotp ecbuesa teitpsaih B is yomstl nietsl ni ntifsna edu ot roop ehcloytmpy eohrt eiassdes wuldo oyparlbb hswo oemr smmsypot

submitted by goodkarmaonly(2),
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sDdirsero omcnom in esat Asai oagncrdic to n oaltpstiiGa:Hje V EBB ninfoitec - slmyto lagdnie to pognsnaehalyra AahpACl aissoiatieTNa ammerhsln kldien tstalInine pety satcgir AC

In ihts nio,eqtsu csine teh pntatie is amstiatcpymo dna BVE tsin xelycat nsc"eeder fo"r, wnet thiw BpHe as eth reanws

ls3076  i kthin tycimmaptosa si llaery het key ehre -- dgoo htcac +3  

submitted by nukie404(8),
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oT sum it p,u even fi yuo 'iddtn miemzeor eht ohwel anmuoiinitzm ealb,t si't syea to rmeermeb VHB nmaozmuiniti si oedn ta ,hirbt mo1, om2 dna o6m ghro.lyu sloA daded taht teh abby is of Eats nsAia etndec, nda hte tacf hatt treoh niftcesnio no het tils r'nate eedenrsc fro ni the irfst cpela ni eklohaontlgyih- sntatp,ei I tinhk its' saef to duedec HVB aws het srwean eeh.r

submitted by โˆ—drzed(320),
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fO lla seeth eur,ssiv eHp B is the lony eno hatt a ic,ldh if ,tceifnde owldu eb a chirnco ierrcar. suhT ew duoshl seernc to keam usre ttha ew cna evptern ertuuf riks fo s,cishrroi .cte

submitted by โˆ—skonys(51),
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So aer ew supeopds to sujt yloo ihst ?neo wtf

submitted by โˆ—avicenna(12),
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doGo schreera to aedr rvoe e-BHp genbi arletenvp ni !hanci/0ttd/p4l:.dme1fyri-m9.8c0r1i6sac/-1tciibtohl.m2cn/482seo-snte18c9/sb17ae

submitted by bilirrubin15(0),
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I gtuohth epHtitisa B sah hihg nrepcevlea in odepenglvi nsctouir,e ehs is ofmr a aulrr region rfom h,iCna I otg irtgh. Psul tsiHeatpi B si pcytsmtaomai in ewn ob.nrs

submitted by โˆ—syoung07(58),
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ouY stmu kwon atht iHstpeati si epavtlern AF ni aAi.s


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