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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 1/Question#23 (31.8 difficulty score)
A 35-year-old man comes to the physician ...
Anticholinergic agentπŸ”
tags: neuro parkinsons 

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submitted by mcl(597),
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mcl  Also, you don't wanna use sinemet since that would be counterproductive +2  
drzed  Whaaat? How could increasing levels of dopamine in a psychotic patient possibly be a bad thing? +  

submitted by thomasalterman(150),
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eihixdrelpyhnT adn onnzpeeBtir era mcnraaiscuisitn hatt nac atter het trinsge rtomer and itigdyri of

mousie  haloperidol induced Parkinson's... ? adding a anticholinergic can counter these adverse effects of the antipsychotic .. ? +3  
fulminant_life  @mousie yeah it balances the dopamine-cholinergic imbalance caused by the antipsychotics +  
kai  +So antipsychotics induce Extrapyramidal side effects which is drug induced Parkinson = low Dopamine High Ach, and you would treat this with anticholinergic (Benztropine).This is neurologic. +Antipsychotics also produce non-neurologic, systemic anti-cholinergic effects like dry mouth, sedation, hypotension etc +  

submitted by abhishek021196(61),

One of the tx strategies for drug induced Parkisonism or otherwise is to Curb excess cholinergic activity. Done by Benz-tropine, trihexyphenidyl (Antimuscarinic; improves tremor and rigidity but has little effect on bradykinesia in Parkinson disease). Park your Mercedes-Benz.