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NBME 18 Answers

nbme18/Block 3/Question#14 (11.0 difficulty score)
2 yo boy, 2 days of fever, sore throat, rash
Erythrogenic toxin🔍

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submitted by breis(35),
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teucsotpSorcc snePgoy (ogurp A prest) sah a eapgsneruint nucgsia sckh.o iThs ntieang ncreyritohEg txoonxEi A ssacue a Tcoxi eksloikhc- :doesymrn F,ever hRsa, choSk, cletSar .evFre

AF pg 331 91)20(

extraordinr  correction: GAS erythrogenic toxin causes scarlet fever specifically in this question there is no reason for this child to have TSS +2  
loaloagubba  SpeA and SpeC toxin is erythrogenic toxin referred to here. +