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Welcome to hhsuperhigh’s page.
Contributor score: 37

Comments ...

 +8  (nbme23#19)
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H"is sendfir leiebev ereth may ehav neeb sugdr ta teh ta,rpy" predoi. ol.a..m

aisel1787  ahahaha +
qball  What a snitch +9
bend_nbme_over  Good thing they were at the ED cause that friend is gonna need some stitches +1

 +1  (nbme23#33)
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yM suges orf nto oinsghco PPI si bsaeuec teh uointadr of IPP eacenssri teh skri fo .C fidf yb nermotg-l nsugi ihchw nisdcoreed sa rveo 1 raye fo ng.uis Tish tp lohuds evha dsue hte ocsden rudg sesl hnta 4 weeks nogrcadci ot the iune.qost So IPP is nlekylui ot csuae C. dfif eirdarah hwitni isth sotrh iodpre of a,segu liealeypcs nwhe tsih pt is ton mrismnemod,mpuocio ro ginus no.tabtsicii

 +0  (nbme24#24)
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The iedt si ecdbrie,rsp os no ened to efrre to cdtaienii aoe.nymr It is a seac of teh ntaetip ceocoanplni-nm of dit.e uBt ywh t'cna iesdav teh psterna ot tsop n?kigcrieb

therealslimshady  I remember Boards and Beyond said that you never want to pick any statements that sound "scolding", plus it couldn't be much help to just say "stop arguing", it's better to find out information on what's causing the arguing so that you can stop it entirely, which choice B will allow you to do. +
tyrionwill  stress is the thing to worse the condition of DM, and will be better after being seen, comforted, and accepted. +

 +1  (nbme20#26)
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ishT is woh ym ianrb radtef iehwl I was gindo htis .u.o.teqi.ns I adnetw ot hsoeoc TBG cnc,idyiefe tub I tpke tknginih that fi BTG is fiic,tdene ahtt nsaem eterh rae sels ro on ngidbin sortinep ni hte do.lob ndA how cna eth refe 4T be on?alrm dSho'nult efre T4 rcesinae if theer rewe slse 4T iidngbn io?tpner ...

adong  free T4 wouldn't increase because it would be sensed by the pituitary and TSH would drop until free T4 normalizes +2

Subcomments ...

submitted by colonelred_(107),
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uteblaAibrtt krsi = idienccen ni edseoxp – enedicinc ni uoensxepd

= 00001,3/ m(r)eosks - 30/300,0 k(om)ssonern
= 3.00 - 00.1
= 0.02 (os het lbtatbteauir iskr is oatbu )%2

ngiyplAp ti to a oniaoupptl fo 0:00,10

= 00.2 * ,00001
= 200

charcot_bouchard  What if i tell you this is a ques of Attributable risk % in exposed? AR= 0.02 / IR in exposed (30/1000) = 0.6667 30 case in 1000. So 300 case in 10,000 0.6667 x 300 = 200 or in another word 66% cases of 100 lung cancer cases in smokers is actually due to smoking. so in 300 cases of smokers 200 is actually due to smoking +4  
charcot_bouchard  This is a mind fuck. Lemme tell u guys if any consolation while doing the ques during test i did it with AR = 0.02; NNH = 1/0.02 = 50. 50 persons smoke to cause 1 cancer. 10K smoke to cause 200 cancer. +3  
ls3076  Sorry if this is a stupid question. Why is it incorrect to simply apply the same proportion (30 cancer per 1000 smokers) to 10,000 smokers? +2  
krewfoo99  @is3076 Thats exactly what is did. I still dont understand how that is wrong. But i guess they want us to think about it in terms of AR +  
hhsuperhigh  @Is3076 and @Krewfoo99, If a person doesn't smoke, the natural risk of getting lung cancer is 30/3000=1%. The smoker's risk is 30/1000=3%. This 3% is not purely contributed by smoking, but mixed with the natural risk. So for calculating the pure contribution made by smoking, you should use 3%-1% which is 2%. And this 2% is the pure contribution of smoking. Not all smokers get lung cancer, the same thing, not all lung cancer among smokers are attributed by smoking. They may get lung cancer anyway despite smoking or not. +12  

submitted by sugaplum(382),
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sihT is alnrpaeytp agclninteo hyiodrt iibndng nolublgi ceiiyndfec

-eid"xninTinrhoygb logulnbi deciecfyin — xridiben-goyniTnh ginobllu B(T)G feiciydcne si areczhrciteda by wlo mesur talto 4T btu nlorma rfee T4 nad SH;T eht ianosigds si enrdcfimo by rsmnuegai BGT enitooctnr.snac seTeh nfsnati ehav nmrola tyohdir nioftunc dan od not ereriqu rtettnema." - dpttucnea'*toa ndif ni FA, ymeab it si ni heert wem?ershoe

hhsuperhigh  The only thing I can relate to this is FA P331 " TBG in pregnancy, OCP use (estrogen increases TBG) increases total T3/T4", so here is the opposite situation, which TBG decreases, and total T3/T4 decreases... +15  
jawnmeechell  Goljan talks about this (around 33 mins into his endocrine lecture) in relation to increased androgens causing decreased TBG +2  
sarahs  why isnt it maternal antithyroid ABs? +1  
sexymexican888  @sarahs I think if it was antithyroid ABs (hashimotos) TSH would be high +  
srmtn  @sarahs because it would be cretinism (+ physical findings) = thyroid disgenesis, ectopy or hypoplasia. the thyroid of the baby would not be able to make thyroid hormones at all. this baby has decreased T3 and T4 and normal free T4. +