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 +4  (nbme23#30)

Just remember Point, Squeeze, and Shoot

Erection - Point Parasympathetic NS (pelvic splanchnics S2-S4)

Emission - Squeeze Sympathetic NS (hypogastric nerve T11-L2)

Ejaculation - Shoot visceral and Somatic nerves (Pudendal nerve)

FA19 pg. 609 (nice)

llamastep1  Emission, as the first phase of ejaculation, is a sympathetic spinal cord reflex and is defined as the deposition of seminal fluid into the posterior urethra. Ejaculation or expulsion is due to the combined action of sympathetic and somatic pathways.

 +0  (nbme21#36)

Didanosine, Lamivudine, and Tenofovir are NRTIs that inhibit nucleotide biding to reverse transcriptase and terminate the DNA chain so those don't affect viral entry. Nevirapine is an NNRTIs that binds to reverse transcriptase and thus also doesn't affect viral entry. Enfuvirtide binds gp41 to inhibit the fusion of HIV and the target cell, thus inhibiting viral entry.

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submitted by hhsuperhigh(11),

"His friends believe there may have been drugs at the party", period. lmao...

aisel1787  ahahaha +  
qball  What a snitch +1  
bend_nbme_over  Good thing they were at the ED cause that friend is gonna need some stitches +  

submitted by mcl(453),

This image is useful. Note that the stain used makes myelin appear dark.

Vignette is typical for Parkinson's disease. Area D is the substantia nigra.

oznefu  Oh nice! Thanks! +  
bend_nbme_over  Great image thanks! Even though it was an MSU link :P Go Blue! +  
apurva  Saved My life +  

submitted by seagull(840),

out of curiosity, how may people knew this? (dont be shy to say you did or didnt?)

My poverty education didn't ingrain this in me.

johnthurtjr  I did not +1  
nlkrueger  i did not lol +  
ht3  you're definitely not alone lol +  
yotsubato  no idea +  
yotsubato  And its not in FA, so fuck it IMO +1  
niboonsh  i didnt +  
imnotarobotbut  Nope +  
epr94  did not +  
link981  I guessed it because the names sounded similar :D +10  
d_holles  i did not +  
yb_26  I also guessed because both words start with "glu"))) +14  
impostersyndromel1000  same as person above me. also bc arginine carbamoyl phosphate and nag are all related through urea cycle. +  
jaxx  Not a clue. This was so random. +  
wolvarien  I did not +  
ls3076  no way +  
hyperfukus  no clue +  
mkreamy  this made me feel a lot better. also, no fucking clue +1  
amirmullick3  My immediate thought after reading this was "why would i know this and how does this make me a better doctor?" +5  
mrglass  Generally speaking Glutamine is often used to aminate things. Think brain nitrogen metabolism. You know that F-6-P isn't an amine, and that Glucosamine is, so Glutamine isn't an unrealistic guess. +2  
djtallahassee  yea, I mature 30k anki cards to see this bs +3  
taediggity  I literally shouted wtf in quiet library at this question. +1  
bend_nbme_over  Lol def didn't know it. Looks like I'm not going to be a competent doctor because I don't know the hexosamine pathway lol +1  
drschmoctor  Is it biochemistry? Then I do not know it. +2  
snoochi95  hell no brother +  
roro17  I didn’t +  
bodanese  I did not +  
hatethisshit  nope +  
jesusisking  I Ctrl+F'd glucosamine in FA and it's not even there lol +  
batmane  i definitely guessed, for some reason got it down to arginine and glutamine +1  
waterloo  Nope. +  
monique  I did not +  
issamd1221  didnt +  
baja_blast  Narrowed it down to Arginine and Glutamine figuring the Nitrogen would have to come from one of these two but of course I picked the wrong one. Classic. +  
amy  +1 no idea! +  

submitted by garima(11),

I think the question asks 'if it binds to RXR, what happens?'

The retinoid X receptor (RXR1) is an intriguing and essential member of the steroid/thyroid hormone superfamily of nuclear receptors (NRs) that predominately function as transcription factors with roles in development, cell differentiation, metabolism, and cell death

which means its related with development etc

bend_nbme_over  Definitely a poorly worded question for sure +  

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