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Welcome to sarahs’s page.
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submitted by overa(16),

Compression of the umbilical cord is what doctors do when the baby is delivered, this causes an increase in SVR! The increase will be felt by the baby and cause a compensatory decrease in HR. This is also the reason why carotid massage tricks the body into decreasing HR (it thinks the pressure is high... like the pressure is high on you... to do well on this test...or fail.. and drop out... and raise sheep on a farm...where you can sell sheep wool... and catch anthrax... and have to get medical attention.. so you end up in the hospital as the Illuminati intended).

sarahs  lolll +  

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notadoctor  Wouldn't UV light also be contraindicated in Vitiligo? +5  
sweetmed  Phototherapy with photochemotherapy (PUVA) is a well-known and well-studied modality for the treatment of psoriasis, which involves systemic or topical administration of chemicals known as psoralens and administration of ultraviolet light in increasing dosages after requisite time gap. PUVA is also used in the treatment of widespread vitiligo with moderately good results, though it is being surpassed by ultraviolet B (UVB), which is equally or slightly more efficacious with fewer side effects. +8  
dashou19  Honestly, I didn't even know what Methoxsalen is, just chose the right answer because I know you can not give UV light to people with PCT... +11  
sarahs  what about tcell lymphoma which also has cutaneous lesions? +  

Anyone find it strange that the NBME loves to write questions where physicians are alcoholics?

athenathefirst  Their job is to find our flaws haha +  
tadki38097  this patient isn't actually a physician, they are trying to show that the patient has confabulation (making up stuff but truly believing it) +  
sarahs  good point...negative alcohol screening threw me off +  

submitted by divya(59),
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aircesne ni MAPc ()sG - b2tae - vndaloioista

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cytotoxict  Alpha 2 agonists do not cause vasoconstriction b/c they lead to negative feedback of norepi and thus decrease sympathetic response +  
payingforthisisdumb  FA20 p317 α2-agonists increase NO/cGMP and vasodilate +  
sarahs  why is decreasing cAMP wrong? +  
hiroshimi  @sarahs: you want to increase cAMP because it would lead to vasodilation and help to decrease his blood pressure. Decreasing cAMP would make his BP worse. +  

submitted by sugaplum(371),
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hhsuperhigh  The only thing I can relate to this is FA P331 " TBG in pregnancy, OCP use (estrogen increases TBG) increases total T3/T4", so here is the opposite situation, which TBG decreases, and total T3/T4 decreases... +15  
jawnmeechell  Goljan talks about this (around 33 mins into his endocrine lecture) in relation to increased androgens causing decreased TBG +2  
sarahs  why isnt it maternal antithyroid ABs? +1  
sexymexican888  @sarahs I think if it was antithyroid ABs (hashimotos) TSH would be high +