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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 4/Question#37

A male newborn is delivered in the hospital at 40 ...

Ingestion of undercooked meat

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submitted by lsmarshall(216),

"Air droplets" sounds like respiratory (saliva or water) droplets. Inhalation of toxoplasma oocysts in cat feces isn't quite the same; not to say I know exactly what the oocysts are inhaled as (just microscopic dry cat poop particles?). Ingestion of undercooked meat to get the cysts is certainly a ROT for toxoplasma.

Toxoplasma as TORCH has triad of hydrocephalus, cerebral calcifications (intracerebral), and chorioretinitis. chorioretinitis can be in congenital CMV or toxoplasmosis. Periventricular calcifications are in CMV. Congenital CMV usually has hearing loss, seizures, petechial rash, “blueberry muffin” rash, chorioretinitis, and periventricular calcifications.

usmile1  also note that toxoplasma can cause the "blueberry muffin" rash (also rubella can as well) +  

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submitted by majic(1),

THE MOST COMMON route of Toxo transmission in adults in the USA is ingestion of undercooked pork. Even if cat litter is an option, undercooked pork is still more common.

yotsubato  Also another fun fact. Most people in France are infected by Toxo (like 80%) because of how they eat meat. (Very rare) +1  
madojo  To add on might be TMI but most people have Toxo but are asymptomatic because its in its latent form as a pseudocyst and its not untill you are immunocompromised that it strikes +