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Welcome to majic’s page.
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 +4  (nbme24#27)
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o-P"ly ennaigm mmlpayntu/lei + nuoeapt.hry eNsephiauotr in tumlpiel oonactlis that serltsu ni ss,ekwean eraiidmp opisnoti ro ingrbun i.nap ehT msto onmcmo csuae fo ouoyreayhpplnt is a itmVani B6 ciiecfye.nd Teh mtos cnmomo tencegi seacu is Ceireohchor aMTh-T-tato otsm ncmmoo etcinfious uesac si u-BrréiilanalG

 +2  (nbme24#37)
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EHT TMSO NMCOOM rtoeu fo xoTo ostsaimirnsn ni tulasd ni hte USA is einsgtoin of ucnooddreke nevE fi cta iltret is na p,nooti kdncdreooue pork is llits omer moconm.

yotsubato  Also another fun fact. Most people in France are infected by Toxo (like 80%) because of how they eat meat. (Very rare) +1
madojo  To add on might be TMI but most people have Toxo but are asymptomatic because its in its latent form as a pseudocyst and its not untill you are immunocompromised that it strikes +
suckitnbme  This patient also probably got toxo in Brazil +
luciana  JFYI people in Brazil love to eat rare meat at barbecues +

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