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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 4/Question#23 (24.7 difficulty score)
At 2:00 am, after sleeping for 5 hours, a ...
Phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase🔍

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submitted by xxabi(223),
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wowo  FA2019 p83 +2  

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submitted by peridot(33),

In case anyone else was wondering about the other choices:

A: Acetyl-CoA carboxylase is the first committed step in fatty acid synthesis

B: Homocysteine methyltransferase turns homocysteine into methionine (we can deduce this from knowledge about homocystinuria)

C: Methionine adenosyltransferase makes SAM. SAM has two roles that we know of - one in turning methionine back into homocysteine, and one turning norepinephrine into epinephrine. This could make it a tempting choice but at the time I just saw the word 'methionine' and thought that couldn't have anything to do with cortisol/catecholamines.

D: LOL for methylmalonyl-CoA racemase, wiki says "It is routinely and incorrectly labeled as 'methylmalonyl-CoA racemase'. It is not a racemase because the CoA moiety has 5 other stereocenters." Good job NBME. Anyway, methylmalonyl-CoA epimerase is involved in the same catabolic pathway that we know of through propionic acidemia, so it's involved in breakdown of fatty acids and amino acids.