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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 3/Question#37

A man accidentally touches the surface of a hot ...

Interendothelial gaps in venules

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As per Pathoma,

"Vascular permeability occurs at the post-capillary venule"

This is why, when you have edema, you would have gaps in the venules.

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submitted by guillo12(18),

In situation of an inflammatory response such as in burns, anaphylaxis or sepsis, intercellular contacts disintegrate in post-capillary venules leading to intercellular gap formation.


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paanvaannd  lollll this doesn't exactly come through on desktop but it sure is funny on a mobile browser. +  

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"The morphological interpretations of the changes in the functional ultrastructure of the bloodlymph barrier following thermal injury seem to be an increase in the numbers of vacuoles and many open endothelial intercellular junctions..."

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Which type of cell we r going to find in blisters?, neutrophils?