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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 3/Question#11 (31.1 difficulty score)
The pedigrees of patients with schizophrenia ...
Diabetes mellitus, type 1🔍

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submitted by kchakhabar(34),
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karthvee  lol same here +  

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submitted by lsmarshall(348),
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submitted by monoloco(125),
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If ynaone ondtwu’l d:nmi wHo ma I dupspeos ot oknw that 1MDT sah a amilirs epedrgei to icpas?hehznori caTeh em hwo to tihnk, es.lp

ankistruggles  I think they were getting at how developing T1DM and schizophrenia are both multifactorial. I don’t remember what the other choices were off the top of my head, but they had clear inheritance patterns. +7  
pathogen7  Just as a slight tangent, is there a difference between "multifactorial" and "polygenic" inheritance? +  
ac3  polygenic = multiple genes affect phenotype while multifactorial = genes, environmental factors, etc that can affect phenotype +1  
sars  Multifactorial: cleft lip, cleft palate, type 1 diabetes mellitus, sjogren syndrome, pyloric stenosis, congenital heart disease, neural tube defects +  

The way I approached this question was by thinking that schizophrenia has a multifactorial inheritance pattern(lots of enviroment influence). So I looked for a disease that also has a multifactorial inheritance pattern, thought of DM1 because it is an autoimmune disease and most of them have a multifactorial inheritance(ie you may have DR3 or DR4, but you need the enviromental influence to actually attack your own pancreas)