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Welcome to kchakhabar’s page.
Contributor score: 44

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 +4  (nbme24#15)
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 +15  (nbme24#11)
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karthvee  lol same here +

 +9  (nbme21#41)
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hungrybox  excellent answer, thank you +4

 +12  (nbme21#10)
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nala_ula  Omg literally the same thought process I had, that phrase through me off! +
nala_ula  threw* +1
jesusisking  Super counter-intuitive but apparently SCC cells are 1.5-4x the size of lymphocytes: +1

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submitted by medstudied(1),
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anC oeomesn esalep eiaplnx why the wresna to ihst si nirujy ot the strpoorie odcr rtaehr ahtn hte adalri v?ener

pipter  because raising the arm above the shoulder suggests abduction which would mean the axillary nerve is also involved. the lesion would be more proximal. +7  
kchakhabar  I thought "up to the shoulder" is done by deltoid muscle (aka axillary nerve) and above is done by trapezius. +4  
forerofore  as far as i can find, abduction ranges of motion, per first aid are: 0-15° = supraspinatus 15-90° = Deltoid 90° = trapezius 100° (over the head) = serratus anterior in this question, they are directly telling you its not the serratus (long thoracic), because no option compromises it. Also, trapezius is innervated by cranial nerve XI, which is not a part of the brachial plexus, so, even though its worded weirdly, you can assume they are talking about deltoid disfunction. so deltoid disfunction (axillary) + radial disfunction = posterior cord +3  

submitted by mcl(586),
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biesaSc ieskl ot rwruob ni het asear tewebne teh infgser adn stoe (FA 9201 61)1 nad cseaus ihng.ict Cldou asol yoltlnteipa be elic ino(rg neel),nivtmvo tub trteatmen rfo eitreh losaervp -- atogt sue etehnirrmp.

kchakhabar  If only one person is there to see the doctor, why would the doctor prescribe medicine even for his family members who are not there? +  
mcl  Unfortunately, both of these are pretty contagious conditions. FA mentions that scabies spreads via skin to skin contact, and goes on to mention that you're supposed to treat close contacts. I think in this scenario it's ok to give permethrin to the family members who are not present but affected (it's also non-prescription in some cases, I believe.) Slightly related note, similar to why you would treat the sexual partner of someone with chlamydia/gonorrhea, or close contacts of someone with n. meningitides infection. +10  
teaandmusic  Agree with kchakhabar. Just because pt says others in family have the same thing, doesn't mean they do, they may have a different condition (small chance, but still possible). Not to mention allergic reactions and other considerations that the Dr. isn't aware of regarding family members ... with chlamydia/gonorrhea, etc you'd have the close contact go and see a doctor and get a prescription also, you wouldn't just write out a prescription for someone you haven't seen +