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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 1/Question#8 (49.7 difficulty score)
A 24-year-old woman at 28 weeks' gestation is ...

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submitted by medpsychosis(110),
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hungrybox  Genius +3  
sunny  Also it(blockers) hides signs of hypoglycemia which are tremors. +3  

submitted by lsmarshall(396),
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xxabi  Sketchy mentions tremor and arrhythmia as side effects! +1  
drpatinoire  Hypokalemia is more associated with U waves, flattened T, muscle cramps/spasm, those symptoms you mentioned is more typical in hyperkalemia. (I guess you made a typo..?) +  

submitted by yb_26(248),
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lrloubeAt - sxelaer lrnobciha mosoht lmsecu os(thr atgnic -ia2.tgo)nβs orF aeuct baerin.atxceos naC secau rmrt,eo aytrmhhari.

solgabrielamoreno  FA 2019 page 672 +  

submitted by duat98(24),
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This blabypor 'isnt 00%1 oltiylpicla croetrc :tbu

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teh aienirgmn eoicsch rea atihmyatspacerp .eerpnosss

submitted by niboonsh(338),
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si on oen lese drceennco buato eth ftca ttha reteyh ggvnii a ebat 2 iatgnso to a mawon whos 28 weesk .ane.g.t..?.rp.n

yobo13  Beta 2 agonists relax the uterus so this would be okay, right? +2  
med4fun  inhaled drugs do not have as much of systemic affect and B-agonists are used often in pregnancy for asthma control. SABAS are deemed safe but there are increased birth defects with long acting B-agonists. +  

submitted by gautham(0),
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submitted by imgdoc(133),
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I tguothh of it s,a a etaB oiasngt dluow ecsau ,vodilosainat dna fxerle ahiatyad,rcc rhe sleup si dlaeray ta 01,0 so ti duowl jump irg.heh heS coldu teg totpiianpals dan tmsoerr. alboybPr eht ltsae iyllek alptaionenx out of the erst .ghouht

submitted by coolcatac(18),
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,lusP lal teh torhe tsonpoi rae tno taaseodcis iwht B2 t,snagoi so sujt yb rsceops of i,inniltaome etrmor si the lnyo one tefl