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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 1/Question#5 (36.9 difficulty score)
The 35-year-old woman indicated by the arrow ...
X-linked recessive🔍
tags: genetics process_of_elimination 

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submitted by monoclonal(19),
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ergogenic22  nbme logic: "what if they all marry carrier wives" And doesn't everyone with autosomal dominant get it in the 2nd generation (unless incomplete penetrance) i feel dumb +8  
cavernosum  totally agree. what a st*pid qs! +  

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submitted by trazabone(12),
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linwanrun1357  If we assume that they are not carriers (in the recessive case) Then how came it can be AR?!! +1  
catscan1979  ^exactly what's said above here. I think x-linked recessive is the least likely, but not impossible. +1  

The pedigree presents us with Male-to-Male transmission. There are two modes of inheritance where Male-to-Male transmission is impossible: 1) X-linked recessive 2) Mitochondrial inheritance

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submitted by ayhamai(0),

x-linked is not possible if the woman was not a carrier autosomal recessive is not possible if the woman was not a carrier so, why we choose x-linked

I thought there weren't supposed to be trick questions on these things.