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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 2/Question#45 (26.1 difficulty score)
A 61-year-old man is prescribed fluoxetine ...
Raphe nuclei🔍,📺

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submitted by sugaplum(411),
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hTis si uuscodliir btu I loudc rvnee ekpe tshee aitgsthr ts eome my i yalm:f
yheAc apdngra nyMeter
ep oD onusic VT itwh a esdi o*H w'(soh mesna rea sutj )intaisil ScN
lencU and tuan pehaR dna sraa niuo sC bbGay saylwa mesancgri NNN-aa-a
eoi pnr rsnimde me fo hte orlco ,ulbe so lucso uceuerls

paulkarr  LOL. Achey Granpa Meynert. I'm gonna steal this from you. +  
abhishek021196  Achey grandpa Meynert = ACh / Basal Nucleus of Meynert Dope Cousin VT = Dopamine / Ventral tegmentum, SNc Uncle and aunt Raphe and Sara = Serotonin / Raphe nuclei(medulla, pons) Cousin Gabby always screaming NA-NA-NA = GABA / Nucleus Accumbens Norepi = Locus ceruleus. +2  
llamastep1  Amazing +  
mnemonicsfordayz  ACHey GRANDPA MEYNERT TREMBLES in the BASEment; DOPE cousin VT SNaCks DOWNstairs by the kitchen TAP; NANA GABBY ROCKS and ANXIOUSLY cooes...; "NENENENE... NENENENE...NENENE...NENE" to CRYING BLUE-eyed baby ELSIE; aunt SERO and uncle RAPHE DULLY PARK in the DOWNpour. CAPS = relevant info, lowercase = irrelevant. Includes diseases: DOWN, ANXIOUSLY, CRYING, DOWN = anxiety/depression; TREMBLES, TAP, ROCKS, PARK = movement disorder; GRANDPA = Alzheimer's. Note: ELSIE = LC = Locus ceruleus +  
mnemonicsfordayz  The extended "NENE" series is just for humor - shorten if you like ;) Also, ANXIOUSLY applies to both NTs in that sentence: GABA and NE. +  
castlblack  I use AChoo meynose +1  
faus305  I almost didn't even look at this review but then I thought "maybe someone has a cool mnemonic." and would you look at this. +  

submitted by dr.xx(157),
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RSSIs drpuoec a eaustdnis acrensie in xecutralallre H-5T in eht soarld rehpa R),D( nad shit esald to ninuotiaobihti of cetroirgenso .rnsenou


davidw  Pg 483 in firstaid has a good table of where the neurotransmitters work +6  

submitted by osgoodschlatter10(32),
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rSnnoeito is disysstehen at eht hapeR nscel.u eHe,nc tFloxiunee hhiwc is dan SISR lwli eperntv orintSoen sstyehsin ecnsi it amsintina a ihhg veell fo nioonrest ni teh .pysensa

submitted by llpierso(0),

I remember Raphe by thinking of Raffi the musician, best known for his '90s classics, Bananaphone and Baby Beluga. Raffi ("Raphe") makes you happy (like SSRIs).