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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 1/Question#10 (59.9 difficulty score)
A 13-year-old girl is brought to the office ...
Staphylococcus aureus🔍,📺
tags: micro bed_bugs 

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submitted by chris07(63),
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mcl  Oh! The article I found said that MRSA has been shown to colonize the saliva of bed bugs for up to like 15 days, and that they isolated MRSA from several specimens. Is it just more likely that the patient scratches it in since staph is e v e r y w h e r e ? +7  
chris07  I mean it’s possible. The last review course I took said that it wasn’t associated with anything. It may be, but either way...same answer :) +1  
frijoles  So bedbugs can't transmit HIV. Cool. #whatareyou #anidiotsandwich +16  
anechakfspb  @frijoles - Hey if it makes you feel any better I put HIV too, with my reasoning being that they feed on blood...and HIV is transmitted via bodily fluids. Whoops! +3  
veryhungrycaterpillar  University of Purdue says they can, but over a long time. +  

submitted by welpdedelp(242),
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seagull  same here +2  
sympathetikey  Some bowlsheet +12  

submitted by mcl(618),
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spacepogie  SO FUN +3  

submitted by adong(102),
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submitted by c21ashokkumar(1),

Because of the bed bugs ability to compromise the skin integrity of its host, and the propensity for S. aureus to invade damaged skin, bed bugs may serve to amplify MRSA infections.