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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#6 (37.2 difficulty score)
A 40-year-old African American woman comes to ...

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submitted by nosancuck(85),
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This b sah orSosdiisac so erh umrgaonals be ttaniaicv tad DitV

sbryant6  Your mom activates my VitD. +17  
pg32  Anyone know why there is hepatosplenomegaly? +  
gooooose  Likely granulomas involving the liver and spleen- Pathoma says any organ can be involved +  

submitted by medpsychosis(110),
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ihsT npteiat efnleiytid ahs colrodsCSuessii a. in quiotnes icrAntasem :-f niAaremc eeE -arlteymmaFh milataBos-N uoldre Hilra iHe pcpdr-ahtoeaaymlenyAc u(ed ot haedyerxaye-–αmtodsdil1 vitamni D aaitconitv ni geoamhr)pacs.

FA 0182 P(. )685

icedcoffeeislyfe  FA2020 pg 676 +  
lovebug  and FA2019 pg 662: Vit.D usually activated in Kidney. but They can be also activated by Macrphage like this case. +  

submitted by dr.xx(143),
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In isardooci,ss yrehcliamaecp oanrllmy supepsssre teh leeares fo TPH dna rtferoehe teh iotunorpdc fo ilclcroait cy,)ro,cil-(chado521fehdeiolrlyx tbu ni sasircsdooi adn oreth tgausaooulmrn ,esidaess tdiavtcea rnooemnalcu cslel y(uilrplracta ep)asomhgrac in het gnul nda lhpmy dsone oreupdc ciarolltci yile5ico2clyorxofrahe-d()c,ld1h mofr cliaidcol halcd2x(yeoorfhce-lyirol)c5 ndeptendine of .HTP


dr.xx  ~~In sarcoidosis,~~ +  
hello  Probably a typo in the first 2 words of the explanation -- not sure what they meant to say instead +  
drdoom  I believe @dr.xx meant to strikeout "In sarcoidosis" from his comment; double-tilde is the markdown plaintext that usually accomplishes that. +