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Why dat!???

We be lookin at someone with an SRY from dere Y chromie! Dey be a Y chromie Homie so they be makin some Testis Determinin Factor which I be sure makes some nice lil ANTI MULLERIAN FACTOR so dey aint got that Female Internal Tract u know what i be sayin

And since wimminz is da DEFAULT they stil be gettin dose pussy lips and breastes

meningitis  The above explanation is correct (disregarding the hard to read and unprofessional dialect) but just in case anyone was wondering: chromatin-negative= Just a quick way of knowing it was a boy. The term applies to the nuclei of cells in normal males as well as those in individuals with certain chromosomal abnormalities
yotsubato  Turner syndrome patients are also chromatin negative as well though....
sympathetikey  I didn't know a complication post-meningitis was lack of humor.
sympathetikey  Ah, didn't read the last line. Yeah, that is taking it a bit far
niboonsh  yall are haters. this is the first explanation that has ever made sense to me
arkmoses  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuXL-3eoB-o&t=77s Interesting syndrome watching this helped me to put it into real life perspective, interesting points they have no pubic hair/body hair, they apparently also dont smell, and breast size is usually increased...
whoissaad  How does chormatin-negative indicate a normal cell? Isn't chormatin just condensed DNA?
cienfuegos  According to this paper most individuals with Turner Syndrome are chromatin negative: "One of the initial laboratory procedures used to confirm or rule out this diagnosis involves a sex chromatin determination from a buccal smear. Cells from the lining of the mouth are stained for the presence or absence of X-chromatin or Barr bodies, which represent a portion of an inactivated X chromosome. The typical Turner’s syndrome patient, who has 45 chromosomes and only one sex chromosome (an X), has no Barr bodies and is, therefore, X-chromatin negative. This abnormal X-chromatin negative finding in the majority of Turner’s syndrome females is similar to the result found in a normal male, who also has only one X chromosome, and differs from the X-chromatin positive condition observed in the normal female, who has two X chromosomes. Occasionally, the patient with features of Turner’s syndrome is found to be X-chromatin positive." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6233891/
hyperfukus  i really hate haters this is awesome!
selectuw  to add to the above, free testosterone is aromatized to estrogen leading to breast development

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Black Powah!

Powah = 1 - BETA = da rate of dem TRUE POSITIVES; wuz da rate at which you get da true positives across a buncha studies? 80% here bruh

lostweightthxnorovirus  wherever you learned biostats I wanna learn ;)
djinn  Sensitivity is the rate of true positives. Beta is the rate of false negatives.

 +47  (nbme21#5)

Bruh let me tell you a lil secret

PEEP prevents Atelectasis AKA dat LUNG COLLAPSE

Dont be worryin about random words they puts in front of the HIGH YIELD ones

hungrybox  literally LOL'd lmao I love this

 +12  (nbme21#17)

Yo dawg we all about PVT TIM HaLL

Phenylalanine, Valine, TryptoDANK, Threonine, Isoleucine, Methionine, Histidine, Leucine Lysine

meningitis  I don't understand what the question is asking... can someone please explain it to me? Patient doesnt eat protein, shes chubby. What does methionine have to do with this?
charcot_bouchard  Just basically asking which is essential amino acids.
usmleuser007  Essential amino acids (something i came up with) 1. "Three HAL fans will try meth" a. Threonine = Three b. Histidine; Arginine; Lysine = HAL c. Phenylalanine = fans d. Valine; Isoleucine; Leucine = will e. Tryptophan = try f. Methionine = meth
nala_ula  They're saying there is a lack of good quality protein -> slight nutritional deficiency. She may have acquired weight but it's not because of protein. So they're specifically asking what amino acid she might be missing due to her subpar diet. Since essential amino acids are those that the body cannot make itself, out off those listed, methionine is the essential amino acid. It's on page 81 of FA 2019.
nala_ula  correct me if I'm wrong please :)
hello  For anyone confused trying to follow @usmleuser007's comment -- slightly modified Essential amino acids mnemonic "Ah, Three fans will try meth" Ah = arginine, histidine Three = Threonine Fans (phans)= Phenylalanine Vil (Will -- German accent pronouncing English word 'will') = valine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine Try = tryptophan Meth = Methionine
pg32  Why does @hello and @usmleuser007 mnemonic contain arginine? That isn't in the PVT TIM HaLL mnemonic for essential amino acids...
paperbackwriter  @pg32 arginine is semi-essential. It is essential in preterm infants who cannot synthesize it https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0955286304000701?via%3Dihub

 -12  (nbme21#10)

you know how it is deez bois got dat facial FLUSH due to external stimulatin

dr.xx  please use standard English. I cannot understand a word of what you are saying.
aishu007  FA pg 468, facial flushing due to external stimuli like spicy food. InAammatory fac ial skin disorder characterized by erythematous papules and pustu les 0 , but n<> comedones. May be associated with fac ial Rushing in response to external stimu li (eg, alcohol, heat). Phymatous rosacea can cause rhinophyma (bu lbous deformation of nose).
madisonivy  https://madisonivy.online/

 +6  (nbme21#17)

hit me up wit dat HNPCC boi! all abou dat LYNCH SYNDROME

hungrybox  yee boi
mkreamy  hahahaha i fucking love both of you

 +7  (nbme21#49)

Dam son this lil b got some UMBILICATED Molluscum all up in her bizness

drdoom  tru.
meningitis  Pg 164 FA 2019
dr.xx  likely not "lil b" as 2-4 times as many cases are found in whites than in persons of other races
drdoom  lil b not a referent of race; cf. lil boo, lil baybay, lil bowow, &c.
dr.xx  I disagree. Google "lil b" for images. See what you may discover.

 +11  (nbme21#6)

This b has Sarcoidosis so her granulomas be activatin dat VitD

sbryant6  Your mom activates my VitD.
pg32  Anyone know why there is hepatosplenomegaly?

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