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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#13 (42.6 difficulty score)
A 25-year-old man develops shortness of ...
Decreased alveolar Po2🔍,📺

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submitted by alexb(49),
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lovebug  2019 FA, Pg 665. PAH +  
drdoom  ^ broken link +  
skonys  (Lemme know if I'm wrong and dumb af) But I believe we evolved this is that the body doesn't want to perfuse areas that arn't ventilated well. here's a pic who do you have in a bar brawl? Dr. Ryan or Dr. Sattar? +  
skonys  Edits: ...we evolved this so that the... +  

submitted by haliburton(217),
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FA 02:71 horCnci iopxhcy ulmnaropy nviotosiorcactns usletrs ni nuoalpyrm itsernnoyehp dna RH.V

yotsubato  Yeah but in a chronic case this guy would produce more RBC and not be hypoxic anymore. +26  

submitted by abhishek021196(79),
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