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NBME 16 Answers

nbme16/Block 1/Question#26 (5.1 difficulty score)
A 40-year-old woman comes to the physician ...
Antagonizes VLDL-cholesterol secretion🔍

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submitted by andro(116),

Niacin( Vit B3)
- inhibits lipolysis ( hormone sensitive lipase ) and hepatic VLDL synthesis /secretion .

Side effects : Facial flushing , secondary to prostaglandin release . Pre treat with NSAIDS
- Also causes Hypergl;ycemia and Hyperuircemia , as such avoid in Gouty patients and Diabetics

Fish oil, from FA 2019: "Believed to decrease FFA delivery to liver and decrease activity of TG synthesizing enzymes" God this Sketchy was awful

Increases catabolism of LDL cholesterol - statins (I think? I found this article Inhibits cholesterol uptake - ezetimibe Activates PPAR alpha - fibrates Inhibits HMG CoA - statins

feochromocytoma  This is all true, but the question was asking about a vitamin supplement given along the fish oil, which is Niacin (B3). It works by inhibiting lipolysis and reducing hepatic VLDL synthesis +