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NBME 13 Answers

nbme13/Block 3/Question#7

A 32-year-old woman comes to the physician because ...


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Normal hormone,normal male sperm study and normal menses: still can’t conceive then give TRY with clomiphene, that is Antagonist at GnRH receptor at Hypothalamas, Block Estrogen mediated inhibition of GnRH hence Increase release of GnRH>>>>>>inc. LH surge ovulation Bromocriptine - would be helpful if the pt has infertility due to INCREASE PROLACTIN. DES - is stopped in US due to clear cell carcinoma in young female born to mother. Ethinyl estradiol - bind estrogen recepto>>>>>inhibit GnRH >>>>no LH surge: no use (inc. Risk of endometrial carcinoma) Medroxyprgestroene - is progestrin —-bind progesterone receptor....is(component of morning after pill)