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Normal hormone,normal male sperm study and normal menses: still can’t conceive then give TRY with clomiphene, that is Antagonist at GnRH receptor at Hypothalamas, Block Estrogen mediated inhibition of GnRH hence Increase release of GnRH>>>>>>inc. LH surge ovulation Bromocriptine - would be helpful if the pt has infertility due to INCREASE PROLACTIN. DES - is stopped in US due to clear cell carcinoma in young female born to mother. Ethinyl estradiol - bind estrogen recepto>>>>>inhibit GnRH >>>>no LH surge: no use (inc. Risk of endometrial carcinoma) Medroxyprgestroene - is progestrin —-bind progesterone receptor....is(component of morning after pill)

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researchers want to know CV risk about African American populations but do not have data for every person.If a researcher wanted to learn whether being certain ethnicity increase a risk of particular disease, it would not be practical to study every individual from that ethnicity . Instead, the researcher might select a sample of the population. A sample is a smaller group of members of a population selected to represent the population. In order to use statistics to learn things about the population, the sample must be random. A random sample is one in which every member of a population has an equal chance of being selected. The most commonly used sample is a simple random sample. It requires that every possible sample of the selected size has an equal chance of being used.

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Hints. His age + Multilple blastic lesion pointing out at metastasis. Negative protein electrophoresis ruled out Multiple myeloma

drjungly  All primary bone cancer - mc seen in age b/t 20-40 peak at 25. Prostate adenocarcinoma - mc seen age >50 yr old. Source-FA 2018 +2  

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Prader Willi = Paternal deletion (partial or full). Noted for imprinting. Cousin to Angelmann (opposite deletion).

FA 2017: 25% of cases due to maternal uniparental disomy (two maternally imprinted genes are received; no paternal gene received).

drjungly  Physeo video explain this very clearly, +