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Welcome to skuutnasty’s page.
Contributor score: 2

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 +2  (nbme22#11)

after rabbit-holing this one for a bit.... this is the photo that demonstrates it best (to me, anyway). must be ilioinguinal n.


drjo  Ilioinguinal n. derived from L1 is mostly sensory supplying skin of upper and medial thigh root of penis & upper scrotum (males) **mons pubis & labia majora (females) it accompanies spermatic cord through superficial inguinal ring, great pic of this ^ @skuutnasty +

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medguru2295  Possibly Multiple Myeloma. That is classic for an older person with back pain and lytic lesions in the back. +  
asharm10  osteolytic- multiple myeloma, Osteoblastic- Prostate; dont think beyond this for this exam, i have never seen a question in NBME or uworld they tried to fool us off on this concept so far. +1  
euchromatin69  u world 341 same concept +  
skuutnasty  I'd like to reiterate what's stated above... dx NOT MM in this question because MM is PRIMARY not METASTATIC @ bone (answer reads: metastatic carcinoma) <3 +  

submitted by rogeliogs(9),
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almondbreeze  thought his words on "think cheap" had to do with treatments - i.e. exercise +  
alimd  Yes they are. There are so many trick questions +  
skuutnasty  I chose leptin deficiency cuz I was tryna get fancy with it. For anyone who is interested, however... according to UpToDate: "Most people with obesity do not have any abnormalities in the leptin gene, their serum leptin concentrations are high reflecting their increased fat mass..." Peace +