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Why would you not check cortisol, if you're worried for MEN1? I assumed high calcium was implied based on the renal stones

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I put constipation because I thought the medication being described might be CCB: can someone explain why nitrates over CCB?

seracen  Wouldn't nitrates be a faster acting drug here? That was my take-away anyway. One is more acute, the other for long term maintenance.

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how would you rule out C) dysfibrinogenemia? I first guessed APS but switched it because of the PT/PTT thing

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la belle indifference suggests conversion disorder. also not explained by physical exam

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I ruled out Paget's because Paget's is usually localized, per FA, Pathoma, B&B. Although this patient definitely fits the demographic picture, prostate cancer is definitely not the only cancer that can metastasize to the bones. Because these are lytic lesions, it's probably some other cancer that's spread to the bones

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How does OSA lead to peripheral edema and loud S2?

futuredoc  Hypoxia leads to pulmonary vasoconstriction and therefore pulmonary HTN. This can lead to the peripheral edema. Furthermore pulmonary HTN can present with a loud S2.

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