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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#9 (61.8 difficulty score)
In which of the following stages of the cell ...
tags: cell_bio 

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submitted by snoodle(26),

just wanted to add that questions that ask small details like this make me want to carve my eyeballs out

j44n  This is the shit that keeps me up at night +4  

submitted by madojo(182),
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renoAth yaw ot tkhni abuto shit si hawts eth solces egsta ot miiotss ceuseba hrgit oeebrf M mis)to(is yuo eend to eavh mictito clnsyic zy,isnteshed nad htat uwldo be 2G

1G -;&-gt S t;--&g G2 ;tg&-- M

submitted by sweetmed(144),
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cnliCy ,D,EA nad rfo 1G to S raniitosnt dme[a in G]1. lcCiyn B is rof G2 to M tns[eritidaoman ni ]2G.

submitted by nerdstewiegriffin(38),
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1G otehn:icpkc cynCli /CDD4K mlpcxeo tiwh p35 and br G2 chp:oteicnk lycinC B and CDK 1

aWy to rbrme:eme 1G si saasodiect tiwh gheirh rbuenms D adn 4 2G si tssdaoecai tiwh B nda 1


nda oasl FC@K em nda FKC@ BE!!M!N

snripper  But the question doesn't mention anything about which cyclin. How does this help? +2  
thyenman  @snripper I think the word choice of "mitotic cyclins" is suppose to show they wanted cyclin B which is produced in G2. This resource specifically refers to cyclin B with mitosis. CDKs and different cyclins are expressed at different stages of the cell cycle: cyclin D (G1), cyclin E (G1/S), cyclin A (S), cyclin B (mitosis). - +3  

mousie +4  
fahmed14  Cyclins help regulate cell cycle phases. They help with checkpoints before progression to the next phase of a cell cycle. Therefore the checkpoint before mitosis would be in G2 and probably where mitotic specific cyclins are synthesized +11  
artist90 . 4 types of Cyclins and when they rise and fall. +2