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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 1/Question#4

A male newborn has a myelomeningocele that involves ...

Closure of the caudal neuropore

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mousie  Caudal = Bottom of the SC = failure to close = spina bifida and Rostral = top of SC = failure to close = Anencephaly +4  

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Dont get confused with club feet. Clubfoot is a birth defect where one or both feet are rotated inward and downward.[1][4] The affected foot and leg may be smaller than the other.[1] In about half of those affected, both feet are involved.[1] Most cases are not associated with other problems.[1] Without treatment, people walk on the sides of their feet, which causes problems with walking.[2] The exact cause is usually unclear.[1] A few cases are associated with distal arthrogryposis or myelomeningocele.[2]