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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#1 (14.7 difficulty score)
A 30-year-old woman develops dimness of vision

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submitted by hungrybox(771),
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lebuoahtmt = uhYotmbaEtEl

eaGrt mcionnem for rmnmegreeib htta huEblttoYEam is eth oentonpcm hatt esascu svuali erpblsmo ni IREP tyrphae ofr TB.

hungrybox  RIPE = rifampin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide, ethambutol +2  

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submitted by mcl(501),
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gPea 052 FA - tmaEhtoblu si caisotsdae tihw uvsali seadincrubts anseg(ch in locro on.)visi

dashou19  On FA page 250, it is said that Isoniazid can also cause optic neuritis and color vision change. Sometimes it hurts if you know too much lol +