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NBME 18 Answers

nbme18/Block 2/Question#8 (25.2 difficulty score)
39 yo man, polycystic kidney disease
pH: 7.22; PCO2: 28; HCO2: 11🔍,📺

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submitted by sammyj98(27),
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did byoydna lees descno ssueg eth cekh uto ihts nsawer jtus cubesea esh' otg a pH of 7.2 and s'he nnigagh uto ni na touttenpai ci?lcin I avhnte' oend ym csllniica ety utb it meess kile htsi guy oudwl eb n.lsrgg.itug

myoclonictonicbionic  EXACTLY... 7.2 for 6 months without any drastic symptoms.. that doesn't sound right +5  

submitted by elzeinmd(4),

No need for MUDPILES here. Bad kidneys = Can't reabsorb HCO3 "base" > Metabolic Acidosis. Compensation is Resp Alkalosis. Based on that: PH less than 7.4 HCO3 Less than 24 Pco2 less than 40 Only answer is A

submitted by letsdothis(5),
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submitted by banana(15),
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rO, fi uoy nac enrve erremebm PULMI DE:S+ he is awy in nreal frei:lua leciatmob ssioa.icd + inrsaptroei 24/min: reps ntca,nomoeisp lwo CO 2+ HO3C si wlo lan^(re^ i)uleraf

submitted by donttrustmyanswers(65),
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irameU = alcbtieMo aisoscdi = acBbir si lhiwoH .g earroiinstp = Lwo 2;Co rfo rrtispaeyro tano.encsoimp