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NBME 17 Answers

nbme17/Block 3/Question#25 (10.4 difficulty score)
A physician is sad because he has to inform a ...
Yes, it is.πŸ”

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submitted by waitingonprometric(137),

I'm guessing the idea here is to not leave the patient hanging on what his diagnosis is and to answer his question directly.

waitingonprometric  Unfortunately, I'm so used to the NBME wanting us to use "open-ended questions" in every situation that I chose "Tell me how you are feeling." Lol +10  
primingprivileged See Table 1. When delivering bad news, you need to state that bad news is coming. Be deliberate but compassionate. +1  

submitted by peacock20(1),

this absolutely pissed me off. They always want us to be warm and open and kiss ass. But nope not this question.