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NBME 16 Answers

nbme16/Block 4/Question#39 (25.8 difficulty score)
A 32-year-old man begins to laugh while ...
While swallowing: closed; Immediately after laryngeal irritation: closed; while coughing: open🔍,📺

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submitted by zincy7(21),
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alimd  Well he was eating and laughing at the same time, so it makes sense that his vocal cords were opened during swallowing, right?! +  
meryen13  @alimd well i thought the same but remember its asking while swallowing not while chewing and laughing. I have to remind myself to don't overthink and answer what exactly they're looking for. sometimes they give you all these random info and they ask about something else... same as this q. +2  
chaosawaits  The part that confused me was "immediately after laryngeal irritation." I essentially narrowed it down to that and then went with the 50:50 choice that seemed most reasonable. I still have no idea how you're supposed to know that. +  
chaosawaits  Oh, I think I finally got it. You get the irritation, which makes you want to cough. Epiglottis closes to build pressure. While coughing, the epiglottis opens and the epiglottis closes during swallowing because the body doesn't like storing food in the lungs. +