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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#11

A public health consultant is contacted by a health ...

Regular exercise

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submitted by sajaqua1(347),

Primary prevention is an active step taken to head off or mitigate a disease- think of vaccinations. In this case, it is lifestyle modification (exercise) to help 30-40 year old women (weight bearing exercise can mitigate osteoporosis, benefits of aerobic exercise).

Seconday prevention is early detection of a disease, promoting early intervention. This could inclue things like HIV testing every 6 months, or or annual mammography.

Tertiary intervention is therapy aiming at reducing complications, allowing relapse, or improving function. Abstinence from alcohol may be here because of substance abuse problems, or because some damage previously done by alcohol cannot be prevented. Similarly for a low carbohydrate diet we may be mitigating the effects on metabolism that have already been done.

sunshinesweetheart  p 269 FA 2019 +  

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submitted by gonyyong(53),

Wasn't sure about others, but mammography for general population isn't recommended until 40

_yeetmasterflex  Also wouldn't mammography be secondary prevention since you'd look for asymptomatic disease already present? +7  
suckitnbme  USPSTF recommends starting screening at age 50. 40 by patient choice if there's risk factors. +  

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submitted by vish7287(1),

Primary to Prevent - Vaccine, Exercise, Not eating sugar to prevent cavities Secondary to Screen - X-rays to check tooth decay