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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#44 (37.5 difficulty score)
A 23-year-old woman develops persistent ...
Stabilization of mast cell membranes🔍

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submitted by mcl(517),
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madojo  Take H2 before you dine, remember H2 blockers for GERD +  

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submitted by hungrybox(791),
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hungrybox  H2 blockers are the -tidines +2  
yotsubato  > dickpills lol +15  
temmy  hungrybox, you are a life saver +1  
cienfuegos  Via FA: take H2 before you dine, think "table for 2" to remember H2 +1  

The unnamed drug class in question are the cromoglycates, the two most notable being cromoyln and nedocromil