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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 2/Question#22 (36.2 difficulty score)
A 33-year-old woman, gravida 4, para 4, is ...
Transfusion-related acute lung injury🔍

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submitted by yo(79),
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hungrybox  we gonna make it bro +7  
hungrybox  or sis +8  
nala_ula  I did the same, basically went through each one and the time of onset between each. Good luck on your tests!! +  
temmy  i don't think pulmonary embolism will cause bilateral lung infiltrate +6  
athenathefirst  I hope you guys made it. Your post 9 months ago +1  

submitted by hungrybox(976),

I’m trying to really learn this and know how to rule out all the answer choices. So far I have:

A: Anaphylactic reaction induced by IgA antibodies <2-3 hrs

B: Hemolytic transfusion reaction <1 hr

C: Postoperative bronchopneumonia Pneumonia, right after all the infusion business and no mention of fever or anything? Nah

D: Pulmonary embolus with pulmonary infarction

E: Transfusion-related acute lung injury Correct! Occurs <6 hrs

I was thinking D could be ruled out b/c there’s no mention of history of immobilization/hyper-coagulable states. And I guess it seems obvious the question is focusing on the transfusion. Seems kinda iffy though. What do you guys think?

pass_this  I actually got this wrong and chose D. But the question completely is trying to lean you towards transfusion and like you said no reason for PE. +  
blindophthalmologist  Bilateral lung infiltrates makes it sound more of a immune process. CXR of a PE can be normal I believe. +  
lovebug  and also, as you all know B) clinical Sx of Hemolytic transfusion reaction is hemoglobinuria and jaundice. there is no such thing. so rule out :) +