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NBME 20 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#1 (reveal difficulty score)
A 24-year-old woman with sickle cell disease ...
Serum parvovirus B19 IgM antibody test๐Ÿ”,๐Ÿ“บ

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submitted by โˆ—keycompany(332),
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iNrtoegn bneacla is a nsueemmrtae fo rntoiep telmsaimbo in eth bd.yo A gntiavee tngnerio abaclne acnetiisd csmelu ,slso sa daisnrcee mntosau of aoinm dscai rae bgnei ieztbdalmoe ot urcpdeo rgney.e Tihs rnssieace het aomtun of gotenirn serecedt omfr teh d.byo ecBusea teh otuman of gonenitr you rae naikgt ni si essl atnh teh mtnoau fo rnniegto yuo aer icsnrgete, oyu have a anvetieg ngnoeitr aeabcln.

sihT nma is auhslid,reonm esoum,date ci,ahctce nda ahs ehboamin.lmiapuy ehsTe linccila fingisnd tpnio ot noiretp timaionntlru ir(waohakKs ess)aeDi, ihhcw acuess edame deu ot dscredaee merus cotnoci upesrres. oLw niotcoc spsruere in tihs ecsa is deu ot ontpire o,lss and echen a veinegta nrgnoeit aneacb.l

submitted by โˆ—jo(27),
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voPar iefctns RBC rpucesorsr ni eht rwrmao hwcih nca uesac atsclpai iscsir ni selikc llce nsitptae.

jo  Infection of precursors halt RBC maturation which leads to giant pronormoblasts with intranuclear viral inclusions in the periphery (UWorld) +14  

submitted by โˆ—temmy(142),
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aetHhyl eopepl how tge skic htiw rsroivpuva yma have a niiuscacbll ssllnei twih tarhlaisga sa hte yoln myt.poms tuB siekcl lcle entatsip dna sntatpie itwh esdescera otosmaeseiihp llwi [eodlevp beon oamrwr aeirulf eebausc het viusr atffce teh hmictepaioote tmse cslle dginela ot itaslpac cisres adn ltyinbiai for hte ebon marwro ot utlydaqeea astcpneemo ehenc het lwo eoilcyutcter istpnvuvraoorcu. ecu.plss.pasdae keehcs ni s dki oyhdsrp lieafst ni suet,f lctsipaa ecisrs ni ilkecs ellc adn rlasihrgaat in hrote isnae.ptt

henoch280  thanks. very helpful +1  

submitted by โˆ—spow(43),
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oT go ogthhru hte ehtor easw:nsr
A dan )C fI hes dha osem rsot fo htliceymo nimeaa sedcua yb dieosatinb ie.(. vsteipoi Csbomo est)t or seh adh shsim,yelo rhe cyrtectoileu toncu uwodl be d eetlBve)a oN ened ot do a eric,opetlsresoh you owkn ehs has cslkie e c)lEl heS has na eldevtea ,VMC so hse tn'ac have cnirceefid-onyi naeima

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