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NBME 18 Answers

nbme18/Block 2/Question#21 (16.2 difficulty score)
66 yo woman, 2 days of fever, flank pain, ...
Calcium carbonate🔍

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submitted by krewfoo99(76),

Calcium Carbonate is an antacid which can chelate and decrease effectiveness of other drugs such as tetracyclines and fluroquinolones

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redvelvet  divalent cations interfere with the absorption of tetracyclines, not fluoroquinolones. anti-acids interfere with the absorption of fluoroquinolones. (like in this q, it's ca carbonate) +1  
keyseph  According to SketchyPharm, divalent cations also interfere with the absorption of fluoroquinolones +4  
nbmeanswersownersucks  Calcium carbonate is an antacid but it has Calcium in it....which is a divalent cation +