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NBME 18 Answers

nbme18/Block 3/Question#33 (13.4 difficulty score)
4 yo boy, clumsy gait for 1 year

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submitted by sugaplum(222),
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AF 9201 pg 619-5
X nedkli usmlacru dstyrp.yoh T eh hcneca htta het mom 1I-II is a eicarrr is X1 /2Y. lma(onr nadparg I1I-) * XaX rerr(cai nadgmomr )-II2 You owkn atth II1-I is a lfaeem, os loyn ookl ta hl,af os 12/ nchca.e
Teh ccneha ttah 1'II-Is eamt si a areicrr is aern eorz. So ew eakm mhi rml.oan X Y l(raomn )Dda * XXa rr(ceiar mom I)I1-I cSi en we wnko tis a byo oyu onyl oolk at flh,a so het hneacc of imh ighnav it si .21/
so 12/ * 2/1= /14
eeThs rea otw inpetndedne e,entvs teh caench the mom si a rreaicr * the eaccnh eth dik tges het cfdteafe X.