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NBME 18 Answers

nbme18/Block 2/Question#44 (8.2 difficulty score)
35 yo woman, passed out while washing dishes
K+: decreased; HCO3: increased; Anion gap: normal; pH: increased🔍

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submitted by sugaplum(224),
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FA 2109 pg 555
e cusa of ocaebmtli llaissoka inonigi tmv eesnomo oswh a i,ucmlbe mylkahoaeip and yomaephrciolh rae coomm.n
aonin gap lfmrauo li+Cc()abNbra- icnSe ew hvea iescevexs crbbia hetre luosd'htn eb a rlaeg .pag arNmlo is 2.81-

She's vomiting - Metabolic Alkalosis > loss of HCL > ie; acid, there would be increased HCO3 Anion gaps are usually with metabolic acidosis because in alkalosis there is high HCO3 which keeps gap normal. For the K+ > vomiting > loose water along with the vomit > decreased blood volume > RAAS activation > aldosterone secretes H+ and K+ > hypokalemia