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NBME 17 Answers

nbme17/Block 1/Question#20 (15.0 difficulty score)
A 24-year-old man with a history of ...

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submitted by compasses(7),
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submitted by aoa05(21),

Q46: half life (2 hrs) is the time it take for the drug concentration to half.  Since the time course is 6 hours after injection, 3 half-lives have passed.  The concentration 3 half-lives later is 0.3 mg/L.  This means at the time of injection, the concentration should be 0.3x2x2x2 = 2.4 mg/L.  Utilizing the formula mass/volume = concentration, mass (what the question is asking) = volume x concentration = 200L x 2.4 mg/L = 480 mg.