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Welcome to missi19998’s page.
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yotsubato  This patient does not undergo a water deprivation test +12  
niboonsh  Compulsive water drinking or psychogenic polydipsia is now increasingly seen in psychiatric populations. Effects of increased water intake can lead to hyponatremia causing symptoms of nausea, vomiting, seizures, delirium and can even be life threatening if not recognized and managed early. +7  
missi19998  Just wondering why it in not resistance to ADH action of vasopressin +  
amarousis  because he would be hypernatremic with no ADH. can't resorb any water +1  
minhphuongpnt07  low osm/urine, low os/plasma => psychogenic polydipsia +  
benitezmena  In this question the pt had a normal urine osm (80) a low urine osm would be <50mosmol/kg. +  
euchromatin69  u world 212 +