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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#34 (47.5 difficulty score)
A healthy 8-year-old boy is brought to the ...
Stimulation of the release of biogenic amine neurotransmittersπŸ”

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submitted by beeip(123),
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sahusema  Amphetamines use the NE transporter (NET) to enter the presynaptic terminal, where they utilize the vesicular monoamine transporter (VMAT) to enter neurosecretory vesicles. This displaces NE from the vesicles. Once NE reaches a concentration threshold within the presynaptic terminal, the action of NET is reversed, and NE is expelled into the synaptic cleft +9  
mumenrider4ever  FA 2020 pg. 239 +3  

submitted by kolivera(3),
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submitted by meryen13(13),

biogenic means produced by a living cell aka we produced the amino acid neurotransmitter from something. biogenic neurotransmitters are : histamine (from histidine) serotonin (from tryptophan) epi, nor epi, dopamine (from phenylalanine and tyrosine )