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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#22 (47.0 difficulty score)
A 57-year-old woman is brought to the ...

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submitted by burak(56),
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rllPaue caea:lv Mupirdaccsi en:li t-8h6 rlslxyaabiMi ird line: ht0-81 rbPasevr albiaretr n:lie 021nd1- irbs

So isaicpyhn mstu snteir a ldeene in 81-th0 birs ni laydiiamlxr lie;n but esnoitirn weblo teh h9t irb ilstl sha a kris to demaag anambloid argsno cshu as .ivler pperU boerdr of 9th ibr is i.enf

wU sntiqueo I:D 484

et-tu-bromocriptine  Visual aid that may seem familiar: +17  
burak  thanks! +  
madojo  Make sure you don't do a midclavicular or mid axillary thoracentesis on the LEFT like me or else you'll hit the spleen.... +3  
pwaddlecakes  @madojo bet you'll never get a question like this one wrong ever +  

submitted by lizard(12),
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rInngstei eth leneed oint eth 9ht nociatletrs as,cpe miaixarllyd lnie ngrdui pxrtaoinie liwl avdoi eth onerrifi broedr of eht lung.

lizard  Midclavicular line--> 7th intercostal space Paravertebral --> 10th intercostal space. +7