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Water(1) 1Kg water=1L water 450mOsm/kg water=450mOsm/L water Min H2O needed to dissolve 450 solute by kidney is 1L water Water(2) Other (feces et al.)=1L Total: water(1)+ water(2)=2L

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@gh889 "Because the obstruction is above the alveolar regions there is a decrease in air flow, not lung volumes, which would make this an obstructive pathology" is the most helpful explanation. If you know the most basic definition/pathophysiology of obstructive vs restrictive (which I do, just didn't in that most simplified way), then you can figure anything out. If something is impacting airway flow = obstructive, if something is impacting airway volume = restrictive. THANK YOU!

burningmoon  How about emphysema? airway volume changed but it's obstructive. +1  
almondbreeze  i think OP meant to say that something DECREASING airway volume = restrictive +