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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 4/Question#48

A 2-week-old female newborn of Mexican descent is ...

Why don't you continue with what you're doing, and let's try changing her to a different formula.

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submitted by seagull(461),

"why don't you stop what you're doing because it's ridiculous". --actual answer

sympathetikey  Mam--mam. Put down the egg, mam. +1  
woodenspooninmymouth  I spent sometime in Guatemala last year, and someone told me that the egg thing is uncommon. What is common is giving their children a small gold bracelet. The bracelet is supposed to prevent the evil eye, dunno how. +  

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submitted by link981(42),

However weird, you have to respect the patient's beliefs as long as they aren't putting the newborn at harm. In these types of questions you have to build patient-physician relationships because the patient might become offended if you disregard their beliefs. So while the newborn most likely has gas and not "the evil eye", choice E is the least "offending" answer that suggests treatment.

charcot_bouchard  Exactly. If she was cracking the egg on Baby's head u stop her lol (i am cracking up on my own jokes) +  

Shout out to Dr. Bergman. If you know you know. .

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submitted by imgdoc(33),

I just realized that the answer I selected would've been considered passive aggressive: "Have you considered talking to a faith healer to see if there are any other measures you should try?"


I came here just to read the comments

MJ at the movie theaters eating popcorn meme

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submitted by dr.xx(46),

... that and a psych consult for the schizo mother...