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Flexor Digitorum Profundus Action: Flexes distal phalanges at distal interphalangeal joints of medial four digits; assists with flexion of hand Innervation: Medial part: ulnar nerve (C8 and T1); Lateral part: anterior interosseous branch of median nerve (C8 and T1) https://rad.washington.edu/muscle-atlas/flexor-digitorum-profundus/

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submitted by vi_capsule(13),

HTN emergency, Sodium Nitroprusside. Unlike hydralazine a balanced vasodilator (vein = arteriol)

sympathetikey  Well then, I guess we should just forget about our old pals the Alpha-2 agonists. Good call. I didn't even see that this was hypertensive emergency. Dumb on my part. +  
zup  so yea clonidine would be used for hypertensive urgency, but this guy is over 180 (210) so they have to use something like hydralazine or nitroprusside both will increase cGMP +  
whoissaad  Drugs used to treat HTN emergency: Nitroprusside Labetolol Nicardipine Clevidpine Fenoldapam Clonidine +6  

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FA 2017: Infects B cells through CD21. Atypical lymphocytes on peripheral blood smear G —not infected B cells but reactive cytotoxic T cells. ⊕ Monospot test—heterophile antibodies detected by agglutination of sheep or horse RBCs. Use of amoxicillin in mononucleosis can cause characteristic maculopapular rash.

zup  misread the "accounts for" question as what's the reason for the atypical lymphocytes. So I answered "virus infected B lymphocytes." Anyone else misread it like that? +5  
nala_ula  Shit, I misread that too and I noticed it now. Nerves get the best of us! +  
stevenorange  If the question is ask what is the atypical lymphocyte in the brain , than it should be the infected B cell, RIGHT? +